Eating Healthy

For the past few years, First Lady Michelle Obama has started a campaign to fight against childhood obesity; which goes along with America trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In regards to staying healthy, I would talk to Sarah Walz, President of the local New Pioneer Food Co-Op in Iowa City. She would be a good source because she would provide me with information on the importance of staying healthy, seeing as she runs a Co-Op. I located her online by googling the Iowa City location. I then navigated through their website to find who was in charge and would be able to provide me with the most information.

Then, to maintain with the childhood obesity campaign, I would then contact a local pediatrician, so they could provide me with information about why it’s important to keep kids active and healthy. Alex Galindo, is the Administrator for the Pediatrics Associates of Iowa City. I found him through the official Pediatrics Associates of Iowa City/Cedar Rapids website (which I found through the website Exalead). He seemed like a good choice, because he obviously knows a lot about kids and how they parents can help them stay healthy.


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