Go Green: so stop printing?

The story chosen for those post focuses on New York Times’ decision to stop printing ‘sometime in the future.’ The publisher of the New York Times announced the big news Wednesday, September 8, 2012. A brief story can be found on Mashable.

Wait, hold up. New York Times is one of the largest newspapers in the country. What does that mean for other publications? Will they follow suit?

Brian Stewart is the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Iowan. He would be a good source to talk to about this to give it a more local touch to the story because he is currently holds a lot of responsibility for the content, publication and distribution for the Iowa City’s Daily Iowan. Brian is also a student so he can vouch for how our mentors and professors keep telling us, “One day print will no longer exist. You need to be more diverse in order to get a job,” and how students here at the University of Iowa are prepapring for this and their reaction to the news.

Another good source to talk to would be David D. Perlmutter who is the Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and a professor at the University of Iowa. David is an excellent source to talk to because, as stated earlier, he is one of the main people telling us students “You need to be diverse.” So he can explain how the lack of print newspapers may pose a problem, but explain the ways around it. David has been preparing students for the day this would happen; and for that reason he is a great person to look to because he can give us a direction on where to go and what to do and what to learn/how to adapt to this massive change.


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