Google Instant Set to Improve Online Searching

Google Instant is a new development from Google that improves online searching by predicting search queries and showing results as soon as someone begins to type.

To localize this story, the first person I would talk to would be Sriram Pemmaraju.  Sriram is an associate professor of Computer Science at the University of Iowa.  He teaches the Algorithms course at the university and he also researches approximation algorithms.  I chose Sriram as a good source because he could perhaps give insight into how Google Instant may work, explaining the types of complex algorithms that would have to be used to make such a thing possible.  I found Sriram through the University of Iowa directory.

The second person I would talk to would be Barb Black, who is responsible for technical services at the Iowa City public library.  The reason I would choose Barb would be because of the reliance a public library has on technology.  A lot of citizens who don’t have computers come to the library and computers are needed to provide patrons an easy way to search for books.  I would ask Barb how Google Instant would change things for the library and the people who use it.  I found Barb by visiting the Iowa City public library site and looking at the “Contact the Library” page.


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