Jenna Wilson

Jenna Wilson is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Theater and Journalism/Mass Communication.

Jenna is also involved in the Alpha Xi Delta sorority on campus. Where she helps promotes leadership, friendship, and community within her chapter.

Jenna having been in Alpha Xi Delta for three years now has gotten used to the negative stereotypes associated with the Greek Organizations , but always try dissuade people from thinking that way.

Having been able to participate in Alpha Xi Delta Jenna has gotten opportunity to make friendship that will continue on after her college career has ended.

I choose the Alpha Xi Delta site because Jenna Sorority is important to her and takes up a large amount of her time. I know this site is credible because it is run by the University of Iowa’s Alpha Xi Delta Chapter. As a precaution I also went to the National Alpha Xi Delta site and checked to make sure the web site was real  chapter’s website. For the second website I choose Fraternity Communication because it promotes a positive image Greek Life. I choose this website because it shows who the author is and has links to other fraternities. I think this website is credible and gives good information about Greek Life. For last site I choose the Alpha Xi Delta National Facebook page because it will sow people how Jenna established life ling friendship through her sorority. This page also links to the University of Iowa Chapter’s page and is a credible source for this topic.


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