Jim Mondanaro

If you have been to downtown Iowa City, chances are you have walked past at least one of Jim Mondanaro’s establishments.

Mondanaro has been in the food business for over 30 years, including many local bars, restaurants, and grocers.  And now Mondanaro is the owner of Iowa City’s most recent yoga house, Hothouse Yoga.

As the owner of multiple eateries, Mondanaro has always boasted using the freshest ingredients in town, and according to John Foley, of The Restaurant Blog,  you must, “Use the freshest ingredients you can whenever possible. The public knows the difference and the perception of who you are is defined by what you serve.”

Some may say that restaurant investing is a risky thing to do (all of the teachers in the University of Iowa’s Business School) but still, Mondanaro has made a living out of risky investments and has created a “food empire” in the Iowa City/Coralville areas.  If one family can successfully run most of the finer dining in one city, how risky can it truly be?

In the first paragraph, I chose to link to the specific sites of an example of Mondanaro’s establishments.  Although they are all written to endorse those specific businesses, they also provide a ton of information about each individual establishment.  The second paragraph was all about Mondanaro’s claim to have the best ingredients in town, so I thought it would be fitting to link to a blog post about just that topic.  You can see who John Foley is by looking at his about page and find out this man is someone who knows what he is talking about.  The third link is an old forum, but the information given by the members was credible and specific to investing in the restaurant business.  I could not see who exactly italkcash is, but an administrator on a forum website is typically someone with extensive knowledge in whatever the forums are about.


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