Jon Eric

Jon Eric is a lifelong Iowa resident, spending most of his years here in Iowa City. His banjo playing has become a staple of the folk and bluegrass sound in Eastern Iowa. He has loyal fans and followers that have become more like family over the years.

Starting locally, Jon Eric has spread his fan base all over the country. He has recently played in large bluegrass music festivals and has started teaching banjo lessons via Skype to anyone who is willing to learn no matter where they live. He keeps a blog updating his followers of his journeys.

One of the great things about Eric is how he realizes that it takes support of other local artists to keep local music alive. He does a great job of showing his support by promoting local artists and shows on his Facebook Fan Page. Having musicians like Eric around Iowa City has helped maintain our great local music scene, something that would be impossible to have without musicians supporting each other.

His main website is I think the best website for information about him. It includes music samples, and links to his Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Blog and ReverbNation websites.

For his banjo playing, I chose the website that shows off his skills the best. He has it listed on his Facebook Fan Page and is a website that was set up by him.

I chose to link a website all about bluegrass because I feel that not a lot of people know very much about bluegrass and its history. This website keeps an update on new bluegrass releases, reviews, concerts, and artists.

His blog is something I thought readers would enjoy because it is everything from his perspective. It has great pictures taken by fans of his performances locally and across the country playing in shows and festivals.

His Facebook Fan Page is a great link to show how he keeps a conversation flowing, including conversations of other musicians that people might be interested in.


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