Lexi Schenk

Lexi Schenk is very involved with the University of Iowa campus and generously donates much of her time all while showing her mad love and support for the Hawkeyes.

Lexi is involved with Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) at University of Iowa where she is on the Homecoming committee, she is also involved with Make A Wish Foundation, Dance Marathon, she works at the Applebee’s in Coralville; all while trying to plan her wedding in January and getting ready to transfer schools to be closer to her soon-to-be Marine hubby. For being only 19 and a sophomore taking a full course load, that is quite a lot to be involved with. More than most students can handle (I know I couldn’t do it all).

Lexi isn’t the only one doing it. Volunteering has always been a ‘trend’ (for lack of better words). And in today’s economy, many people want to give and help out those who are struggling.  Mandy Sharp is another giving individual who is volunteering just because. She pledges to donate 101 hours in Chicago starting on 9/11…in just a few days!

I know I am sitting here in awe wondering why I slack so much and I feel ready to go volunteer. Well you can! There are plenty of people out there who are willing to help you out and give your more information. From University of Iowa? Check out Dance Marathon’s Facebook group and see what they are up to and talk to people and see how you can get involved. Maybe try STAT’s Facebook group, or Make A Wish’s national Facebook group. Those sites are barely just the beginning of the volunteer world.

These sites here on this post were chosen because I thought there were the most direct, helpful and relevant sites that could be found about Lexi, volunteering, and the University of Iowa’s share in these organizations. They are local, student aimed and the goal is easy to understand. Also, these sites are credible. Not only because they are well known organizations, but because the University of Iowa also supports them and gave them the ‘stamp of approval.’


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