Localizing the Florida Koran burning

Adding to already existing tensions about the proposed Islamic Center near where the Twin Towers once stood in New York City, Terry Jones, a Florida pastor is planning on marking September 11 by burning the Koran. Many, including ultra-conservative John Boehner and Sarah Palin think that the action will only spark fury and possible retaliations from the Muslims that Jones and his ilk fear.

Today, the Washington Post reports that Afghans are already protesting.

We could easily localize this story by interviewing Muslims locally to hear how they feel about the Koran burning. Are they blatantly offended? Simply annoyed? Or apathetic?

Omer Elgaali, President of the University of Iowa Muslim Students Association, would be one good source to gauge local opinion. I found him by searching Google for “University of Iowa Muslims.” I then clicked on the organization’s page and found a link to its leadership.

I could also interview Suhayb Ahmed, a Muslim from Cedar Rapids. I found him as a fan of the facebook page, 

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