Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Workers

A statement released Wednesday by the American Academy of Pediatrics urges all health-care workers to get the flu vaccine. As CNN reports, many health-care workers didn’t take kindly to a similar urging last fall — after health workers in New York were required to receive the H1N1 flu vaccine, some workers responded to the mandate with protests and fierce opposition.

To write about this story locally, one source I might get in touch with is Tom Moore, the media relations coordinator for the University of Iowa Health Care. He would be a person to ask about UIHC’s vaccine policy for employees. I found this source by visiting the Media page on UIHC’s website.

A second potential source would be any of the group founders listed on the Facebook page for the University of Iowa Academy of Student Pharmacists. This would be a good way to seek the opinion of a student who has a vested interest in health care and the topic at hand. Or, interviewing any patients of Student Health, UIHC or Mercy Hospital — sources that could be attained with some ease, even without the Internet — would be a good perspective to include in a local story.


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