Melissa Gonzalez

Melissa Gonzalez is the General Manager of the restaurant Mia Za’s Italian Cafe in downtown Iowa City.

The restaurant’s website highlights the different reasons Mia Za’s is unique among all the other restaurants in Iowa City. Mia Za’s has also jumped on the “healthy tastes great” bandwagon, with their all new nutritional menu. The different choices and create your own options, gives eaters a variety of choices not found at many restaurants.

There are blogs all over the internet about staying healthy. The Cheap Healthy Good blog highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing good ingredients to use when cooking as well as recipes. Mia Za’s tagline isn’t “Where Healthy Tastes Great” for no reason.

The Mia Za’s Facebook page allows anyone (who is a fan of the page) to write about why they like Mia Za’s. The discussion tab also allows fans to discuss different matters regarding the Mia Za’s restaurant. This is also an easy way to get links to the restaurant’s website as well as information about their new healthy menu. There are currently over 500 fans of this Facebook page, which shows that this restaurant is popular among Iowa City residents.

I selected each of these websites because they highlight what Mia Za’s is all about; giving the public healthy options while eating out. The Mia Za’s official website gives a detailed list of all the calories in each of their dishes, as well as other nutritional facts. And since eating healthy is so popular, providing the public with easy access to a healthy eating blog seemed like a bright idea. Also, the Mia Za’s Facebook page gives the public a chance to discuss what they like about the restaurant and what they could improve upon in the future. These best highlight why running a restaurant with healthy options and choosing what goes into ones body are so important.


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