Pastor Holds “Burn the Koran Day”

On the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Florida Pastor Terry Jones will hold the first “Burn the Koran Day” meeting.

If I were to get an Iowa City perspective, I would want to contact someone at the Mosque in Iowa City.  There are not vary many muslims in Iowa City and would like to see their perspective on the situations and know how they fill the event impacts Iowa City at all. No specific people are listen on their website, but I would call the phone number the have listed if I were wanting to contact them.

I would also want to get an opinion of a person from the Christian perspective on the situation.  The Lead Pastor at the Iowa City Church of Christ is Tom Steele who seems to be esteemed enough to be a good authority on the situation.  Steele obviously deals with many Christians so he would have a very good perspective on what the local christian community thinks of the event.  I found Tom Steel by looking for a pastor in Iowa City through


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