Pedestrian Safety

A story recently published on the discussed the issue of cars driving on beaches and pedestrians (beach-goers) getting hit. This past summer two children have been killed because they were struck by drivers on the beach. As parents and family members mourn the loss of their children, community members and city council is left with the question of allowing cars on the beach or discontinuing a long-standing tradition.

Personally I believe this topic is extremely relatable to Iowa City for a variety of reasons. One reason being that numerous students have already been involved in this type of accident this year. Additionally, living in a community where many people rely on bicycles, mopeds, and walking as a mode of transportation the chances of pedestrians being hit is alarmingly high. In order to localize this topic and write about it, I think talking with a Iowa City police officer would be my first step. Therefore I would rely on the Iowa City website to find a police officer to talk with. The Iowa City website is a credible website for finding this information because it is a .org site and is edited and run-by city officials.

Secondly, I would want to talk with an official at the University of Iowa to discuss possible suggestions and advice they might have for drivers and for students. Safety is a main priority at the University so talking with someone such as the Dean of Students would be vital to my story. Therefore, I would use the University of Iowa’s directory site to locate a number or email address to contact my source.


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