PJ Smith

PJ Smith is an athletic training student at the University of Iowa. He currently works as the main athletic trainer for the Hawkeye field hockey team this fall.

The University of Iowa has one of the country’s best program’s for athletic training. Students get hands-on experience working with many of the Hawkeye varsity sports, both male and female, as well as other opportunities with club teams and spirit squads. The department’s mission is “to support University student-athletes in their efforts to maximize health and safety and to develop as mature individuals.”

Athletic training is vitally important in today’s sporting culture, which has become much more technical as well as physical. There is plenty of information on the subject; Athletic Training Innovations is an example of a blog that talks about products and programs and other things dealing with sports and athletic training.

Communication between athletic trainers is also an important part of the job, as they are able to learn new methods and whatnot as the profession and sports both advance. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has a Facebook page in which it uses to not only market itself but to share knowledge with others who have a passion for athletic training.

I chose to uses these three specific links because they each add something different as far as information regarding athletic training. Also, each link adds variety simply because of the nature of its medium: one is a university Web site, one is a blog and one is a social media site. The Web site for the University of Iowa Athletic Training Department is the official page for information on Iowa’s program. The Athletic Training Innovations blog is a less formal site for details of athletic training that is written by real athletic trainers who we know are credible in discussing their field. Finally, Facebook is the least formal of these Web sites, but it is designed to allow communication between users which the other two sites do not allow. So overall, it is good to have a variety of places because they all bring their own characteristics to the table.

by Robbie Lehman


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