Salmonella Found in Dog Treats

The Hartz Mountain Corp. has issued a recall for their dog treats after traces of salmonella were found in a few bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats.

A good source for a local story on the dog treat recall would be  Allan Berger. Allan Berger is a veterinarian at the Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails clinic in Iowa City. He deals with emergency and critical care animals. Berger would be able to provide more information of the side effects the dog treats could have  and  list possible symptoms to look out for if dog owners have given their dog the treats. I found Allan Berger through the website that listed all the veterinarian clinics in the Iowa City Iowa.

My second source would be the manager of the PetCo.  store in Iowa City. The manage of the store would be able to give information about how they deal with dog food recalls and the possible side-effects this recall could have on the store. The method I used to find this source was by going directly to the stores national website and using it locate finder to find the closet store in Iowa City. I then would get the number from the Iowa City store and call the store directly.


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