Sasha Waters Freyer

Sasha Waters Freyer is an Associate Professor of Cinema and Comparative Literature at the University of Iowa.

Waters Freyer recently premiered her most recent film “Chekhov for Children” at the Telluride Film Festival where it was an “Official Selection” of the festival.

The Telluride Film Festival has been held annually in Telluride, Colorado since 1974.  It has hosted screenings and in some cases even premiers of many award winning movies such as “Brokeback Mountain,” “Juno,” and “Slumdog Millionaire”

In many cases, there are surprise premiers at Telluride that are not officially announced along with all of the other films at the festival.  This years festival saw the premiers of Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”, and Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan.”

Why I chose these Links:

The first link was chosen mostly because it is what Sasha liked to on he own website and for her film.  It also just makes sense that the best way to get information about a film festival would be to go right to their website.  There you can find out all about what they show there, who was there, what the festival is about, how to get there, and so on.

I chose the blog I linked because it seems fairly credible.  One of the main things i noticed about it was that there was a very large number of people commenting on the post, indicating that an even larger number of people actually read it.  Also the language used by the blogger indicates that they are a person who knows a lot about the film festival world.

The Forum I linked to was interesting to me because it seemed like a place reserved for vary enthusiastic people.  Not many forums on the internet right now would be talking about the performance of an actress in a movie that wont get a wide release for another couple of months.  When you listen to people that are that passionate, you may find a lot more insight than if you looked elsewhere.

On top of what I already said all the links are extremely up to date and feel authentic.


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