Stephen Berry

Associate Professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter Stephen Berry now instructs future journalists at the University of Iowa.

After working for over three decades for nationally recognized newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Orlando Sentinel, Berry has focused his efforts in a new direction by launching the online news site, in an effort to provide more depth to public affairs issues related to the state of Iowa.  In an effort to enable his students to have their feature articles that are written for the classroom, the site has created a section titled “From the Classroom”.

This new endeavor has garnered some notice from people throughout the country.  In a more sentimental blog posting from Greensboro, NC,  John Robinson recalls Professor Berry’s time spent in Greensboro as a reporter who “A former editor here used to say he liked to turn over rocks to see what was underneath.”

Professor Berry’s passion for objectivity and the ethics of journalism, and journalists for that matter, in the face of every growing pressures from external forces seems to be his passion.  In a 2005 article published in the Nieman Reports he rails at these external forces and their assault on objective journalists.  “Objectivity is a standard that requires journalists to try to put aside emotions and prejudices, including those implanted by the spinners and manipulators who meet them at every turn, as they gather and present the facts.”

The reason that I chose Professor Berry was that I had heard much about him from my peers in the last two years, but have yet to take a class with him.  I was fortunate enough to have him come into my “Features” class the other day to speak about and found him to be genuinely interested in our topics and full of good feedback and suggestions.  I admire people who stick to their principles.  The reason that I chose these links was that they are relevant, and come from legitimate sources.


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