College football player commits suicide

This is an article about Owen Thomas, a 21-year old junior who played football at The University of Pennsylvania. Thomas had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a type of brain damage that is common in professional athletes and leads to abnormal behavior.

My first source is Dr. Ned Amendola, the Director of the UI Sports Medicine Center. Dr. Amendola localizes this story because he works closely with the UI football team, so he can talk about how the team handles concussions and similar head injuries that come along with playing football. I went to the Iowa sports website and looked at the football team’s roster and found Dr. Amendola.

My second source would be Mr. Chris Doyle, the football team’s head strength and conditioning coach. This CNN article mentioned a lot of precaution’s teams can take to avoid horror stories like the one U of Penn is dealing with. Coach Doyle localizes this story a lot because he can address how, if any, of the drills the team does takes special precautions for brain injuries, and how the team is affected by stories like Owen Thomas’. I also found Coach Doyle off the Iowa athletic homepage on the football team’s roster.


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