French Senate Approves Burqa Ban

On Tuesday, the French senate approved a law banning an veils that cover the face. A fine if caught wearing one is 150 euros which is equal to $190 or you could have to take a citizenship course for a punishment. If someone forces another person to wear a burqa, the crime can be punishable by a year in prision. Some clothing that is acceptable would be the hijab which covers the hair and neck but not the face or the chador which covers the body but not the face. Why then was there a law in 2004 in France that banned the wearing or displaying of religious symbols in schools, including headscarves?

One source that I chose to relate to this article would be the Office of Student Life Cultural Resource Centers. The UI Cultural and Resource Centers provide intra- and cross-cultural education, leadership and organizational development opportunities, social justice education and change, a “home away from home” for students, and a safe space for cultural and psychosocial development. It would be a great place to go ask some questions of what makes cultural students feel good about themselves, whether it may be the way they dress or talk. I found this source through the Iowa Memorial Union because there are activities that go on there for it as well and it gives all the information on Student Life here at Iowa.

The second source that  I chose was a professor at the Law school here. I thought maybe I would take a different twist to the story and find out more about laws you can make regarding the way a person dresses because to me, I didn’t think you could do that but I guess there may be different situations for different countries. I know this may not get me anything, but I think it would be worth a shot to try. I could talk to Gail B. Agrawal who is the Dean and Professor of Law at the University of Iowa Law School. I found this source through the College of Law website which gives links to the faculty, programs, ECT.


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