Leah Conroy

Aside from being a full-time student in the UI Radiology school, Leah Conroy works as a cocktail waitress at DC’s Bar in downtown Iowa City. The 21-ordinance has taken a noticeable toll on the junior who is responsible for paying her entire list of college expenses on her own.

Despite the drastic increase in college tuition rates and expenses, Conroy still got herself out of the house after high school and off to college despite the historically high-price of doing so.

Local blogger for Iowa City’s Press Citizen, Bob Elliott, expresses his approval of the recent ordinance that Conroy blames for her decreases work profits this school year.

There are numerous Facebook groups of fellow IC student’s who express their views on the cities 21-ordinance.

I found my first article on CBS news. I purposely wanted to reference a national news source because I wanted to compare Leah’s situation with the rest of the population at large. Since the issue of college costs is heavily number based, going to a credible national news source proved to be the best way to ensure my numbers were accurate. CBS was one of the first link thats popped up when I was searching for an article, as we talked about in class that means it had the most views. I wanted to make sure I was referencing an an article that was written by a professional versus one by a high schooler.

The second link I referenced was a blog written by The Press Citizen’s Bob Elliott. I went for a more local focus for this link because the 21-ordinance is solely an Iowa City issue, which makes Elliot an expert on the topic. There is no sense in referencing a huge news source like CBS in this case because they do not know nearly as much about Iowa City and what is going on here.

I linked my third source to a Facebook conversation about the 21-ordinance. I was hesitant at first to choose Facebook, but because Leah is a college student, and has an account on the site, it seemed extremely appropriate. The conversation offered multiple links to different stances on the 21-ordinance and had a high membership which therefore gave the group some credibility.


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