Stephen Bloom

Stephen Bloom is a much honored artist, professor and advisor here at the University of Iowa. He is my advisor and has helped me figure a lot of things out to prepare me for the future.

Bloom has written a few books and one of his earliest ones that he is best known for his 2000 book Postville. He has also been named this year’s Robert Laxalt Distinguised Writer by the Reynolds School of Journalism.

Bloom’s work has been recognized by people everywhere and there are positive comments about his capturing writing that can be read in various different places. The Oxford Project is one story I saw that grasped a lot of people’s attention.

Bloom’s work has been seen in a plethora of magazines and articles. He has spoke here at the University and been a guest speaker at other campuses as well. The School of Journalism does a really good job recognizing Stephen Bloom and all his work so all the students can keep up with his life.

I chose three links to give a gist of what Stephen Bloom is really like. The first link is a website that talks about all his books and where his work has shown up, like the Chicago Tribune for example. The website also talks about the Robert Laxalt Distinguished Writer and how great of an honor it is. The other websites I look at were good, but this one mixed both Bloom’s life and the award together to make people realize how he deserved it. The second link is a blog by a person who purchased and read The Oxford Project and talked about the specific things and parts in the book they liked. I chose this blog because they really go into detail about what they specifically liked about the book and how they enjoyed Bloom’s riviting detail throughout the book. It also gives another link to a website of Stephen Bloom’s biography. The third link I chose was a Facebook page for the School of Journalism. I am a fan of this page because it keeps me updated on current events going on in the J School and you can post comments on whatever events are posted. For example, there was a post about how Stephen Bloom got the Distinguised Writer award, and there were comments below it saying, “Congratulations” and “You deserve it.”


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