She’s not your average young adult: Work, volunteer, class and planning on her plate.


By: Nicole Lumbreras

She is a student who is involved with so much more than your average young adult.

Most 20-something females worry about what they will do this weekend, what exams are coming up and just getting through the week.

Not Lexi Schenk. Lexi is an ‘always on the go’ sophomore at the University of Iowa where she worries about; how am I going to get from STAT to work, how long should I run this morning to train for the marathon, and when will I get to talk to Tim next?

She is involved with so much here at the University of Iowa all while she works at Applebee’s, and tries to plan her wedding to the handsome Marine, Tim Gunter.

“Lexi is always gone! She’s either working, at class or at meetings for STAT and homecoming,” said one of her roommates Renea Juska.

Lexi has always enjoyed volunteering in high school, especially in hospitals.

“Now, I am part of the largest student organization on campus: Students Today, Alumni tomorrow (STAT). I am an ambassador in that organization and the committee chair for the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” said Lexi. “In addition, this year I am a part of the 2010 Homecoming Executive Council as the Alumni Events Coordinator.”

Making school a career.

On top of all her volunteering, Lexi is a psychology (pre-med) major. She also has a secondary major in Spanish. She is one dedicated girl, and always studying.

“I’ve wanted a career in medicine ever since I can remember. However, the specific focus is subject to change at any time.,” said Lexi. “Psychology is an area of medicine I really enjoy learning about at the moment.”

She wants to be able to help with psychological problems affecting a person’s health including eating disorders and sports related psychological problems. In the end, she can help people while also enjoying what she does: a win, win situation for Lexi.

Lexi isn’t even sure how much free time she gets to herself. She is an early rise so she always has the mornings to herself to run and relax.

“Breakfast is also my favorite meal so I really enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning and just reflecting on what I’m going to do that day before the craziness begins,” said Lexi. “Most nights I either have too many thoughts bouncing around in my head, too much homework, a meeting, or I’m spending time with friends. Nights are productive, but never relaxing for me. I wish I had more that were.”

Lexi will be running in the marathon for Dance Marathon this October 10th. This is her 4th full marathon.

Volunteering most of her time.

Lexi got involved with everything here by simply going to a STAT meeting and was eager to start.

“I went to the general meeting last fall and found out I could apply for an ambassador position. I figured why not? I got the position and ever since it has only continued to open new doors. Once I became an ambassador I became Committee Chair for Make-A-Wish and then a part of the Homecoming Executive Council.”

Joining STAT has been the best decisions Lexi feels she has made since arriving at Iowa (minus saying ‘yes’ when Tim popped the question).

“My fellow STAT Ambassadors and the people on my committee for Make-A-Wish are great to work alongside and excellent friends outside of the organization,” Lexi said. “Many of them are just like me and that makes for a very comfortable environment. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Although Homecoming is a huge event and demands a lot of time and effort and is really stressful, Lexi loves it because she says it feels great to be apart of something bigger (it’s true, she loves it).

“I am a very proactive person and I love challenges,” Lexi said.

Determination is (one of) Lexi’s middle names. When she joined all these programs and received her positions, she decided she was going to make the events better than the years before. And when Lexi says that, she means it.

“I admire her work ethic. She is always determined to finish what she starts and she gets it all done in a reasonable amount of time. She knows how to juggle all of her activities and I have no idea how she does it… I would go insane,” Renea said.
But Lexi, somehow, manages to juggle it all.

“Honestly, it not only makes me feel good about what I’m doing for other people, obviously that’s a big part, but it keeps me busy and motivated,” Lexi said.

Here comes the bride.

Lexi Schenk met Tim Gunter when she was junior in high school. He had just moved to Chicago from Boston and was being recruited into the Marines after his move: he was 19 and she was 17.

From there it is your classic, heart-warming story: Tim and Lexi “clicked from the first day,” and what started out as just a friendship slowly turned into something more over a long period of time…it only took them two and a half years before they figured out that the rest of their lives were to be spent together.

“We are getting married in less than 4 months and the time is absolutely flying Which thank goodness, because so is his deployment,” Lexi said. “January 2, 2011 is the date. I don’t think either of us could be more excited, but yes even in all the excitement, there is quite a bit of stress. Lucky for him, because of his deployment, Tim gets to miss all of the Bridezilla moments.”

Like most young people in love, Lexi’s face lights up when she talks about Tim with a huge grin on her face. She always gets really excited, like a child on Christmas.

Lexi may claim she has some Bridezilla moments, but the only Lexi we see is giddy-in-love Lexi.

“I already have the dress and the shoes. He’ll be in his marine blues. Flowers: orchids. Colors: gold, black, and red. I always wanted a winter wedding so things worked out nicely,” said Lexi. “Next summer we are planning to have a big reception so all our friends and family can help us to celebrate the marriage. Plus let’s be honest, who really wants to go to the ceremony?”

A little ‘me time’

In the little free time Lexi has, she is running, cooking, reading, and watching movies, shopping and most recently, planning her wedding.

This is Lexi’s last semester here at University of Iowa. Next semester she is moving to California with her soon-to-be-Hubby, where he will be stationed.

“I will definitely miss her cooking and her cleaning! It will definitely be a change for the whole apartment to have a new roommate in here second semester but I’m sure that we will all adjust,” Renea said. “Not to mention I’m jealous she’ll be on the beach when we’re stuck in three feet snow!”

When Lexi was asked what is next on her to-do list she said: “Probably finishing my mastering chemistry homework assignment I was trying to work on before I decided I’d rather answer questions! But really, I can’t wait to say ‘I DO.’ That’s the biggest, most important thing on my do list once Tim finally gets home!”


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