Ahmadinejad Riles UN with 9/11 Slur

During a speech today, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad characterized the terrorist  incident on 9/11 as part of a US conspiracy to protect its intersts in Israel , causing some UN representatives to leave the chambers in protest.

In writing a localized take on this particular story, I’d be interestd to see what comments Kelly M. Kadera, Associate Professor in the UI political sciences department would have to offer. I located Kadera on the UI political science web page. The site indicates that she has written extensively on the subject of war, most noteworthy perhaps being her article  Conflict Management and Peace Science. Ahmadinejad’s comments have caused concern about the feasability of a peaceful solution to the various conflicts raging in the Middle East. Kadera’s expertise on “conflict managment” and “peace science” may give the UI an unique take on the situation.

Another local expert it might be worth talking to is Brian Lai , another Associate Professor in the UI politial sciences department. His expertise is on terrorism in the Middle East, an area of study whose relevance is readily apparent in this particular case. He would be useful in discussing the mindset of terrorists in the Middle East, and perhaps in parsing the motivations behind Ahmadinejad’s inflammatory rhetoric. I found this professor in a simple google search.


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