Not Your Stereotypical Sorority Girl

Jenna Wilson (By:Jessica Heemsbergen)

Recruiting new Alpha Xi Deltas, consoling a fellow sister, cramming for an exam, and planning for the future may sound hectic, but that is just a typical day in the life of Jenna Wilson.

This summer, Jenna flew to New York to work as an intern at BWR Public Relations. BWR Public Relations specializes in entertainment and fashion. At BWR Public Relations Jenna learned how to construct media kits and write press releases just like the professionals do.

Jenna’s internship gave her a chance to re-evaluate her future job plans.

“From my internship I learned that I didn’t want to do public relations for fashion or entertainment. I wanted to do something more meaningful. I would like to do public relations work possibly for a theatre company. Even though I wouldn’t get paid as much money for it,” said Jenna


Jenna always knew that she wanted to do something in the journalism field, but she was unsure as to what that exactly might be.

“I first tried broadcasting, but it just wasn’t for me. So I then decided to take a public relations class even though I wasn’t 100% sure what public relations was when I first signed up for the class,” said Jenna

After taking a PR class, Jenna realized she had been doing PR work in her sorority for years.

“The sorority is like a business. You have to appeal to different types of girls to get them interested in joining the sorority. This is similar to doing PR work.” said Jenna.

Jenna acknowledges that the Alpha Xi Delta sorority uses several PR tactics during recruitment. When it comes to COBing (continuous open bidding), Jenna says it is fun to see all her hard work being carried out and watching her chapter grow. Jenna believes the PR work she has done in the sorority has increased her interest in the PR industry.


Jenna joined Alpha Xi Delta sorority in the fall of 2007.  Since then, she has taken on several jobs within the organization including Sisterhood Chair, Chaplin, and COB Chair.

She has done these jobs while also juggling a double major in Journalism/ Mass Communication and Theater. Jenna hopes to pursue a public relations career that incorporates both of her majors.

 “I know that I want a career in public relations. However, I love theater and I would like to be able to find a job where I could apply both my majors to,” said Jenna.


“Jenna is definitely one of the leaders in the sorority. She always listens to everyone’s problems, helps assist the new girls and just tries to cheer everyone up.” said Lindsay Castellano, a fellow Alpha Xi Delta member.

The girls in the house view Jenna as a motivated, outspoken, and independent woman. Jenna laughs at that statement and says she owes the sorority for making her the woman she is today.

 “Before I joined the sorority I used to be kind of shy and quiet,” said Jenna.

 The girls tease Jenna and say that they cannot get her to stop talking now.

Jenna even manages to find sisters hundreds of miles away from home. While working at BWR Public Relations, Jenna started talking to one her fellow interns. After talking for a while, they realized that they were both members of the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority.

“I was kind of surprised at first, but then I just thought that it was cool that I got to meet another Alpha Xi Delta from a different chapter,” said Jenna.

Jenna also mentioned that it was nice to bond with a fellow Alpha Xi Delta and it just proves that when you are in sorority you are never alone.


Jenna has already started to make plans to go back to New York after she graduates in May 2011.She has even applied to become a Dream Careers summer leader for 2011.

Although a summer leadership position is not what she necessary wants to do, it is a stepping stone to achieving her dream. Jenna believes that she has a good chance of getting the summer leadership position with Dream Careers in 2011.

Since the start of the term, Jenna has been working hard to improve her resume and get more experience in public relations field.

“I currently have two internships right now. One is for Dream Careers distributing fliers and doing some PR work for the organization. I also just recently got a PR internship at Hancher, so I am pretty excited,” said Jenna

Jenna has big dreams and she is determined to accomplish them.

“I know that New York is where I want to live and find my future career. Whether I get the job or not I am still going to move out to New York this summer,” said Jenna.

By: Jessica Heemsbergen

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