The Campus Activities Board: Giving You An Alternate Weekend Plan

So, there is an away game this weekend and you don’t have much to do. Sounds like you need a movie day. The problem with that is movies are about 10 dollars a ticket now and that just isn’t going to work. So skip the trip to the theater and go to the IMU for some free movies.

Events Of Different Types

The Campus Activities Board is one source of entertainment on campus. They are the head of the activities that go on at the IMU and there are various options, from comedy to casino night, to movies just out of the theater. The board is student run, guaranteeing entertainment that all students will enjoy.

Another activity at the IMU - basketball while attached to a bungee cord

“College is a time to dig in, get involved, and make a difference. Here at Iowa, CAB is a great way to do just that. There are many ways to get involved, and it all starts with just coming to an event. You’re only in college once, so make a difference and make it count.” Said Nellie Hermanson, Assistant Director on Campus Activities Board.

Some past events that the Campus Activities Board has set up really interested a lot of students at the University. Some of the most popular ones included, Speed Dating, The Dark Knight, JD D’Angelo from MTV’s The Real World and Casino Night. The Speed Dating seemed to be a little awkward at first for a lot of the students but after getting more comfortable with each other and getting to know everyone, it was an entertaining event.

College Humor comedian at the IMU, November 12

“Tons of Hawkeye singles were ready to mix and mingle at this event. We had to give everyone a little bit of a push in the beginning, but in the end everyone was having a great time.” Said Hermanson.

For the Dark Knight movie, the 2008 hit was featured as the first of CAB’s Midnight Movie series, showing the film in the Bijou Theater to a sold out crowd of UI students before it was released on DVD. As for the Casino Night, students showed up to have a great time playing classic casino games and had the chance to win prizes, including a free iPod shuffle.

“I don’t really know all that much about casino games, but I decided to go to the activity with my friends anyway. I ended up winning a free t-shirt after playing poker. Turns out I knew a little more than I had thought!” Said Sarah Fry, Junior at the University of Iowa.

One thing that the Campus Activities Board thinks about when planning these activities is how to appeal to the students at the University so they will actually want to come instead of going out and participating in underage drinking. They know that it is tempting to just go along with the social norm of going out on the weekends, but by offering free college friendly entertainment, CAB feels that more students will want to experience a different weekend trend.

“We just want the students to know that they do have the choice to engage in a fun, safe, sober weekend. We try to hype up our events as much as possible and there is always something going on every weekend, so there is never not an option of what to do.” Said Hermanson.

Don’t Worry About Money

One thing you will be spending too much of if you decide to go out and drink on the weekend, is money. However, CAB prides themselves on creating affordable, usually free activities. If there is a cost for any of the activities, it’s usually because it’s a huge event and the University can’t afford to pay for all the financial issues involved. For example, on December 4 students can join CAB for a trip to the largest mall in the United States, the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Round trip tickets are 15 dollars and available at the University Box Office.

For this type of event, it would be nearly impossible to take everyone for free because there is bound to be a good number of students that will want to go and the University can’t pay for the amount of buses required and the gas for a round trip. For only 15 dollars though that is a great price and cheaper than any other shopping trip you would possibly want to take by yourself or with friends. CAB reconciles for that 15 dollars by offering various prizes and opportunities that would appeal to a college student. There is free admission included to the World’s Largest Underwater Aquarium and there will also be a shopping spree raffled off on the bus ride to the mall.

“We pride ourselves on the students having as much fun possible and who wouldn’t love to get free stuff? It’s a situation I myself would definitely take advantage of.” Said Hermanson.

Why Risk It?

Since the 21-ordinance has passed, the IMU events have looked a lot more appealing to younger students now. With the high risk of having a 750 dollar fine slapped on their records and house parties getting a little more attention now by the cops, students may decide that the activities might not be such a bad alternate after all.

“I hadn’t ever gone to any of the activities before because I would always go out on the weekends with my friends. However, with the ordinance in effect now, we go almost every weekend and have a great time. I’m actually upset I didn’t start going earlier.” Said Katie Clasing, Sophmore at the University of Iowa.

So before you think about going out with your friends this weekend, maybe you should check out what CAB has organized at the IMU. Even if you’re 21 or not, switch it up a bit and break away from the social norm, grab your friends and have a fun, sober night at the IMU. Who knows, you may want to go back next weekend.


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