Megan Considine Daily Routine

The Iowa basketball team plays nearly 30 regular-season games this season, travels to over ten states and even out of the country once.

But when the Hawkeyes aren’t suiting up for a game, the team stays busy during the week.

This is Iowa junior, Megan Considine’s daily routine:

Junior Megan Considine in Iowa's 68-62 victory over Kansas State on Dec. 5 inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena. (photo by: Jessie Smith)

7:10AM– Wake up, throw on sweats, brush teeth, wash face
7:30- Leave for Carver-Hawkeye Arena
7:45- Get treatment on my sore muscles and blisters
8:15 -Start shooting around before practice starts
8:30 – Practice officially begins:

  • 10 minute warm up with strength coach: Stretches (moving and on the ground), skips, high knees, shuffles and starts

8:40 – Begin practice drills:

  • 45 minutes of defensive drills: boxing out, two on two and close outs

9:30 – Shoot 15 free throws with a partner, record makes
9:40 – Offensive drills:

  • Circle shots, drive and pitches, jump shots and transition shots

10:00- Work on half-court offense and defense:

  • Practice against grey squad
  • Run through scout plays if  game coming up

10:45- Practice ends, team always meets in the middle to huddle and discuss any important announcements

11:00- Lifting (routines very):

  • Dumbbell bench, front squats, pull-ups, calf raises, hang cleans, dumbbell snatch

11:30 – Shower very fast and throw on some sweats

11:45 – Training table (lunch) at Carver, meals are different each day and are catered by Hyvee 12:10PM – Head to Pappajohn Business Building for classes

4:00 – Head home to relax, check Facebook and watch either E! news or Sportscenter

6:00 – Make dinner and then go somewhere to study, either the IMU or the library

9:00 – Return home and relax a bit before bed

10-10:30 – Go to bed

Q: What is your best memory from the season so far?

“Without a doubt our trip to Cancun over Thanksgiving break. It’s weird not spending that time with my family and with my team instead, but being in the gorgeous weather helps make up for that.

We also came away with two wins out there and I also celebrated my 21st birthday, so it was a pretty amazing trip for a lot of reasons. I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure.”


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