Sarah Pergine Daily Routine

When the Iowa field-hockey team wasn’t competing in one of its 17 regular-season games this fall, the squad stayed busy between juggling school and the responsibilities of their sport throughout the day.

Below is a typical non-game day routine during the season for senior, Sarah Pergine:

Senior Sarah Pergine will conclude her senior campaign with the Iowa field-hockey team this year. (contributed photo from Sarah Pergine)

7:30AM– Wake up, eat breakfast, get books together

8:13 – Leave for class, Research Methods

9:20 – Second class, Nonverbal Communication

10:20 – Head back to apartment

10:30 – Watch TV, check e-mail, eat lunch, get books for next class together, put on practice clothes and pack other practice things

12:15PM – Leave for third class, Politics of Popular Culture

1:20 – End of class, go directly to locker room

1:40 – Watch 30 minutes of film and eat a snack

2:10 – Go to Grant Field, put on equipment, do stick skills on my own

2:30 – Team Warmup:

  • Two laps, dynamic stretching, leg swings x 10, static stretching, accells x 2

2:40 – Practice Begins:

  • Passing in partners
  • Ball control
  • Positional group skills
  • Team/game strategy
  • Set pieces, penalty corners
  • Overtime play

4:35 – End of practice, no cooldown, meet together quickly, take off equipment and leave for lifting

4:45 – arrive at lifting in old Rec. Building, lift on platform above indoor track

4:50 – Weigh-Ins

4:55 – Hurdles and box jumps

5:10 – Programs handed out and explained

5:12 – First set of exercises

  • bar complex 3 x 3 and dumbbell push ups 6 x 3

5:20 – Second super set

  • hang clean to squat 3 x 4 and MB throw + burpee 10 x 4

5:40- Third super set

  • back squat 6 X 5 & dumbbell bench press 6 x 4

5:55– Clean up equipment and team stretch

6:00– Dinner at Hillcrest with team

6:30– Head home

6:35- Change and shower

7:00- Call home

7:30 – 10:30- Homework and studying

10:30-11PM – Watch tv and go to bed

Q: The hardest workout you’ve ever done?

A: “The hardest workout I’ve ever done was in Carver-Hawkeye Arena during my sophomore year in the spring. We were partnered up and while one partner had to run two laps against our other teammates at the top of the concourse, the other partner was to be jumping rope.

The partner running had to jog down a flight of stairs to the course and run back up them (twice). Once the partner running and doing stairs was done, then the two would switch.

Each duo had to run 10 laps total on their own and 20 laps as a groups. The duo that finished first collectively on the team had no stairs to do at the end, second place had one extra flight [of stairs], third [place] had two extra flights and so on until ninth place had eight flights extra to do —Not fun!”


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