Understanding the Link: Connecting Business, Community, and Sustainability

Adam Werbach, author of Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto said that being a sustainable business means thriving in perpetuity, and that a successful business stands on four pillars of sustainability: social, economic, environmental, and cultural. Perhaps the most important of these four pillars is the one that targets our decisions as a society. The cultural pillar is defined as actions through which communities manifest their identity and cultivate traditions from generation to generation.

Whether the choice to maintain a sustainable lifestyle is done on an individual or professional basis, the community that interacts with these lifestyles is a viable link, not only for how people can benefit from these decisions but for what people can do as agents for change.

Having little to no negative impact on the environment or society takes this type of community effort. On a local level, retailers and producers that embrace this strategy are essential.

The following is series of articles that introduce microbreweries that have chosen to embrace local production, various Iowa restaurants and bars that are working towards developing a sustainable business, and ideas of where one can learn to start.


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