Philanthropies & Community Awareness

Alpha Xi Deltas Amy Rakiewics and Lindsey Castellano Volunteer at the Iowa City's "Sand in the City" Event (By:Jenna Wilson)


Sororities enjoy participating and hosting philanthropy events. They just wish that the community was more aware of all the great causes they support.

Philanthropy events usually include some type of activity for the public to participate in. The only thing people have to do is pay an entry fee and then they can participate.

At the University of Northern Iowa, Alpha Phi’s philanthropy is women’s cardiac health. The sorority promotes awareness about women’s cardiac health and visits the Cardiac Care Foundation

“We have two major philanthropy events. The first event is Spike Out Heart Disease. It’s a volleyball tournament we host all day long and all the money from entry fees goes to the Women’s Cardiac Care Foundation. Our second event, which is our major one, is our Red Dress Gala event.  The Red Dress Gala event is a dinner and silent auction. It’s a three course meal and where respectable people in the community along with family members are asked to come,” said Franklin

At the University of Iowa, the Alpha Xi Delta’s philanthropy is Autism Speaks. The sorority hosts a competition called the Puzzle Palooza in hopes of raising awareness about autism which is currently an incurable disease. The funds raised are used to advance autism research.

“We have a lot of girls in the house with autistic family members, so this philanthropy means a lot to them personally. I love the fact that we have a philanthropy that isn’t as well-known, because I feel like it means more,” says Tercheck.

Nu Psi Tau at William Penn University does not currently have a particular philanthropy, but instead raises awareness for multiple organization including the Red Cross, United Way, and the Salvation Army.

By: Jessica Heemsbergen

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