Video Games: The Package

For my package, I wanted to weave together three different stories using the violent video game Supreme Court case as a backdrop.  The first article acts as a sidebar, explaining the Supreme Court case and how it could impact the industry.  The second article gives a glimpse of local video game culture.  My goal with this article is to give an example of why games are so important to some people.  I was hoping to exemplify gaming’s social qualities and show how games can mean different things to different people.  The video that accompanies the article is meant to drive this point home.

The third article is supposed to be a snapshot of where video games are right now.  Not only did I want to include the positive things video games are doing, but also show some of the struggles the medium is going through.   Above all else, I want the package to show that video games could evolve into something great.  They certainly at least deserve the chance to.


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