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Underage Drinking Alternatives

These next three posts I have created focus on alternate activities for underage drinking. Night Games is a program at the recreational center that provides free activities and special events. CAB is an activities directory for the IMU that also provides free activities including movies on the weekends. Then, the Salt Company is a local worship group here in Iowa City that meets at the bar Third Base. All three of these events are cheap, entertaining and a great way to meet new people. Read on to learn more!


The Pressure’s of College Athletics

There is a long list of pressures that accompany being a Division-I student-athlete.

The University of Iowa has its highly-publicized sports teams that compete in front of sold-out crowds and are swarmed by the media following their games and practices.

But outside of those select programs, sit the rest of the Hawkeye sport teams, who put in their share of time and effort despite the lack of outside attention.


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