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Downtown living in Iowa City: from luxury highrise to student rental

The housing market in downtown Iowa City is characterized by disparity. Rental properties have long been dominated by University of Iowa students eager to abandon their dorm-dwelling days, but an influx in high-end condominium development over the past several years has added a new dynamic to downtown, luring homeowners who are looking for a slice of urban life in the middle of the Midwest.

This series examines both extremes of the downtown Iowa City housing market, including interviews with property developers and downtown residents — both students and non-students alike — along with photos, video and audio.

  • Begin reading here to learn about downtown’s flagship condo building, Plaza Towers, and to find out when (and if) to expect similar projects in the future. Be sure to watch the audio slide show tour of Plaza Towers for images from inside the complex and views from the top of Iowa City’s tallest high rise.
  • Continue reading here for an interview with the Loewenbergs, residents of Plaza Towers and two New York City natives who have returned to their urban roots without ever stepping foot outside of Iowa.
  • Round out your knowledge of downtown housing by reading this comprehensive overview of student rentals. Watch a video feature of two University of Iowa seniors who are tired of their neighbors’ partying tendencies, learn who owns what in downtown rental property and find out how some students are taking landlord disputes to the courtroom.